2023 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Technology Applications (AIITA 2023)


 Topics include but are not limited to the following areas 

Ⅰ. Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence algorithm
Natural language processing
Fuzzy logic
Computer vision and image understanding
Signal and image processing
Information retrieval and fusion
Intelligent system architecture
Ⅱ. Intelligent manufacturing
Intelligent system
Intelligent mechatronics
Micromachining technology
Advanced manufacturing technology
Recycling and remanufacturing
Rapid manufacturing
Digital manufacturing (CAX, CAPP, MES, DES, etc.)
Microelectronic packaging technology and equipment
Integrated manufacturing system
Engineering optimization
Industrial and manufacturing system analysis and decision-making
Digital manufacturing and management
Ⅲ. Automation
Cognitive automation
Power and energy system automation
Automation software
Intelligent service machines
Military automation
Network security in automation systems
Sensor fusion of intelligent automation system

Ethical Code

1. The conference focuses on academic communications and exchange, and allows any follow-up based on the published preliminary report here (e.g., an abstract, poster, or conference presentation).

2. Authors publish any future papers based on the one published at this conference should cite it and add enough new and significant results as required by the journal(s).