2024 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Technology Applications
Call For Papers
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Topics include but are not limited to the following areas

1. Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Manufacturing

2. Industrial Automation and Intelligent Control Systems
3. Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Industrial Technology
4. Intelligent Sensing Technology and Industrial Monitoring System
5. Industrial Robots and Automated Production Lines
6. Industrial Internet of Things and Data Analytics
7. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Quality Control and Fault Diagnosis
8. Industrial Intelligent Transportation and Logistics Management
9. Smart Energy and Smart Manufacturing
10. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Design and Optimization
11. Adaptive and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
12. Industrial Process Optimization and Predictive Analytics
13. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management and Production Planning
14. Intelligent Industrial Robotics and Collaborative Robotics
15. Data Security and Privacy Protection in Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies

Ethical Code

1. The conference focuses on academic communications and exchange, and allows any follow-up based on the published preliminary report here (e.g., an abstract, poster, or conference presentation).

2. Authors publish any future papers based on the one published at this conference should cite it and add enough new and significant results as required by the journal(s).