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Suzhou, China | AIITA 2023

2023  3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Technology Applications(AIITA 2023) has been held on March 24-26, 2023 in Suzhou.

This year, AIITA 2023 organizing committee adopted hybrid conference style (onsite + online presentation) , more than 150 authors and experts  participation. Thanks for all your support. Looking forward to meeting you next time.


Keynote Speakers

苏春翌教授 (3).JPG

Prof. Chun-Yi Su, Concordia University

Speech Title: Modeling and Parameters Learning of Dielectric Elastomer Based Soft Robots via Data-In-Loop Approach

赵文兵教授 (2).png

Prof. Wenbing Zhao,Cleveland State University

Speech Title: Video-Based Baseball Pitch Type Recognition

姚信威教授 (4).JPG

Prof. Xinwei Yao, Zhejiang University of Technology

Speech Title:Path Planning Algorithm For Mobile Robots 

Prof. Witold Pedrycz.JPG

Prof. Witold Pedrycz, University of Alberta

Speech Title: Data Privacy, Energy Awareness and Credibility: Challenges in Machine Learning

孙宁教授 (2).jpg

Prof. Ning Sun,Nankai University

Speech Title: Intelligent Anti-Swing Transportation Control for Industrial Crane Systems 

孔祥杰教授 (6).JPG

Prof. Xiangjie Kong,Zhejiang University of Technology

Speech Title:Graph Learning Empowed Intelligent Transportation Systems


Prof. NAGARAJA G.S.,RV College of Engineering

Speech Title: Framework Modelling for Effective Precision Agriculture using Predictive Analytics

Oral Speech

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